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to the website of CommanderBayban, fanfiction writer. You can find my works on Archive of Our Own. I am babysitting Six's cat, Splinx, for an indeterminate amount of time and I would appreciate if you could show her some love as she gets lonely quite easily. She likes to spend her time in the upper left corner of the screen, but if you give her a little pet behind the ears, she will follow you everywhere. As you can see (unless you're on mobile), I also have a cat named Coconut who I am keeping company. I also have many other kitties who can be viewed in the Catz tab. This is a Certified Crazy Cat Site.

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"There are few ways in which a Time Lord can be more innocently occupied than in catching fish."

"When I get back to Earth, I've got to wow the college with something. My grades certainly won't."

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